Atlantic Tire Gives Back: Cary YMCA

Cary YMCAGiving back to the community is important to us at Atlantic Tire & Service. We like to work with local organizations who help to make our towns a better place to live and work. One group that we have always respected and appreciated is the Cary YMCA.

Many people are unfamiliar with the breadth and depth of programs offered at a YMCA. The “Y” offers a number of programs such as summer/track-out camps, after-school athletic activities, swim clubs, basketball and a number of other activities. YMCAs provide a variety of free and low-cost educational programs to make resources accessible to families of all income levels.

There are numerous benefits to being part of a YMCA, but here are a few in particular that have always stood out to us.

Health and Well-Being

The YMCA was originally founded with the goal of providing resources to improve and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. They still hold true to that vision today. But the YMCA is different than a gym or a fitness club; you can feel a much stronger sense of community spirit.

Academic Performance

We are big believers that being part of a meaningful community is closely tied to performance in all areas of life. The YMCA provides a place where kids can begin to develop those critical connections that can motivate them to strive to do their best in school and create a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

Communication and Leadership Abilities

The YMCA has numerous built-in opportunities for kids of all ages to get involved with meaningful activities such as volunteering and community service opportunities. It is crucially important to learn the discipline of taking initiative and stepping up to assume lead roles. It is never too early to start learning these critical skills.

If you have never been to a YMCA, we have a great one here in Cary! They have a number of events that you can visit each month. Their event calendar is updated regularly here.