Atlantic Tire Gives Back: Prevent Blindness NC (PBNC)

pbnc-logoPrevent Blindness NC (PBNC) has been around since 1967, and is a local affiliate of Prevent Blindness America. We support this organization because we recognize and appreciate the importance of the work that they do. Blindness is something most of us don’t think about—until someone close to us begins to lose their sight. But the harsh reality of the situation is that blindness can strike at unexpected times. PBNC helps to educate the public about various eye problems and provides a number of resources for eye health.

Eye health plays a key role in every area of a child’s development and continue to play a central role throughout adulthood. Compromised vision creates challenges that affect every other area of life, such as the ability to read, write, participate in the classroom and engage in social activities. Some eye problems do not show any symptoms. For this reason, making eye health screenings available to children at all ages is a core component of PBNC’s mission.

PBNC provides vouchers for free vision screening programs and eyeglasses for qualified individuals. They also conduct the Children’s Screening Improvement Program, a workshop designed to improve the consistency of how children’s eye screenings are conducted.

To learn more about Prevent Blindness NC and find some excellent information resources on eye health, visit their web site at