What Fall Means for Your Car

Summer in North Carolina can be brutal. As the sticky air makes way for a cool fall breeze, it’s important to understand how the temperature change will affect your car. It also serves as a signal to get in front of harshest of seasons, because with the entrance of fall, winter is just around the corner. While a simple check-in with Atlantic Tire & Service will shed light on what you’ll need to prep for … Read More

Save the Date! September 11-17 is Game Time!

Mark your calendars! It’s that time of the year again! We’re excited to announce that for the third year straight year, Atlantic Tire & Service will host the Atlantic Tire Championships, a United States Tennis Association (USTA) Pro Circuit event featuring top professional talent from the world of tennis. From September 11th through 17th, 32 singles players and 16 doubles teams will compete for $50,000 in total cash prizes. The USTA Pro Circuit grants players … Read More

Healthy Engines: Synthetic Oils & Fuel Injector Cleaner: Are New Technologies Really Helping?

On top of scheduling regular checkups with your local auto shop, you may have considered spending an extra buck on readily-available consumer products to keep your engine clean and running smoothly. While new technology claims to help your vehicle run better than ever, it’s often difficult to decipher what’s a fad and what’s actually helping your vehicle. Below we focus on two technologies — synthetic oils and fuel injector cleaner — to determine whether their … Read More

Is It the Battery or Alternator?

We’ve all had those days where you hop in the car, insert your key in the ignition, turn it over, and… nothing. Your car decided to relieve itself of normal duties and take the day off. While a simple jump start might help whip it into shape, it’s often difficult to pin down the cause of the issue, with many people turning to two components: the battery and the alternator. Your vehicle’s battery and alternator … Read More

3 Quick Ways to Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready

The air is heating up, flowers are in full bloom, and you just said farewell to your heavy coat. It’s time to bust out the flip-flops and plan a well-deserved summer getaway. But as the summer months approach, it’s important to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape to handle the heat. So before you throw the towels and sunscreen in the back seat, below are few ways to summer-ize your car. Air Conditioning A poor … Read More

Michelin’s New Ever Grip Technology

Michelin Premier A/S “Our car came with another tire brand that was very stiff. The OEM tires were also terrible in rain and snow. When I read the reviews on this tire model, I decided to change my tires. Best decision ever!”

Trying to Make Your Old Car Last? 3 Simple Ways to Keep it Running

A car payment is a tough pill to swallow, especially when you might be able to squeeze a few more years out of your current vehicle. It’s much easier to repair your car than to invest in a brand new one, so if you’re eager to keep yours running a little longer, here are our top three easiest ways. Invest in an alignment Alignments ensure that proper wear and tear distributes evenly on all four … Read More

Video Library

Atlantic Tire & Service’s Blog covers a variety of tire and car care tips with videos by our own staff talking about our services. Music provided by Purple Planet. Checking Tire Pressure Atlantic Tire’s ASE Certified Service Advisor, Brandon, speaks on the importance of regularly checking your tire pressure.

Roadway Distractions Other Than Texting

We have all heard the frightening statistics about texting and driving. While we wholeheartedly agree that texting and driving do not mix, texting is not the only source of distractions for a driver. Here are just a few other things that can take a driver’s attention off the road for one or two precious seconds. Loud Music Blasting the stereo can impair hearing, and can also delay driving reaction times by preventing you from being … Read More