The Future of Driving: Three Predictions

Will we ever have flying cars? Likely not for some time —The regulations and control surrounding air traffic would be a logistical nightmare. Thanks to numerous advances in vehicle technology, however, we are inching closer to the future that science fiction media has promised us since the invention of the first automobile. That future may be coming sooner than you think. Below are three of our predictions for the future of driving within the next few decades.


A Connected Car Network

If you’ve ever sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, you’ve probably considered how game-changing autonomous vehicles could be. After all, the time we spend driving could be spent answering emails, reading, or watching media. But while autonomous vehicles will soon be available to consumers and come equipped with predictive safety features, they will not be able to predict and influence manually driven vehicles. As consumer adoption of autonomous vehicles becomes more commonplace, many forward-thinkers envision a future in which all autonomous vehicles are connected, allowing them to communicate and adapt to traffic patterns.


Predictive Features

Internet algorithms work to predict the websites you’d be interested in, the YouTube videos you’d like to watch next, and the types of clothes you’re likely to purchase. Similar technology, along with artificial intelligence, will soon pave the way for predictive features in vehicles. In the not-so-distant future, vehicles will be able to adjust seating, temperature, entertainment, and other components to your liking as soon as you close the driver’s side door. Furthermore, vehicle will become receptive to voice commands, similar to Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Echo, which will give you that next level of configurability.


A Battery-Powered Revolution

While they are certainly on the rise, electric vehicles currently represent lower than one percent of all vehicles on the road in the U.S. This percentage could increase dramatically in the next two decades, potentially even getting as high as twenty-five percent. This is even more apparent when considering that major manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, and Volvo have all announced major plans for electric production moving forward. Hate stopping to pump gas? In the near future, you won’t have to. Just plug in your vehicle in the parking deck and let it charge while work, shop, or walk around the lake.