4 Tips to Help Get You Prepared for Winter Weather

If there’s one thing we can be certain of regarding winters in North Carolina, it’s that they’re unpredictable year-to-year. While we all love snow sledding and forming snow angels, that same wintry mix that sparks post-holiday joy can also cause hazardous road conditions. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your vehicle for the coldest months of the year. Hope for the Best—Prepare for the Worst Ensure your vehicle has … Read More

Three Big Changes for Vehicles in 2019

A few months back we speculated on the future of vehicle technology, looking out toward the next two or three decades. Just as 2018 saw big enhancements in the automotive industry, much of that momentum will be carried into next year. Here are three big changes coming for vehicles in 2019. More Options for Electric Vehicles                    The leaders in electric vehicle technology—Tesla, Nissan, and Chevrolet—will see a huge shift in the competitive landscape when … Read More

Five Common Lights on the Dashboard and What They Mean for Your Vehicle

You can have your vehicle serviced every year, replace the oil on time, and practice good driving habits, but some wear and tear is frankly unavoidable. Luckily, the lights on your dashboard are put in place to alert you of an issue with your vehicle. While you may think many of these lights are simplistic in their meaning and the service required, they could be raising unexpected red flags for your vehicle. Below are five … Read More

The Effects of Traffic on Your Vehicle

For many of us who take a daily drive to work, traffic is high on the list of things we wish we could avoid. It can be inevitable, unpredictable, and often times stressful. But while your brain may be in knots while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, your vehicle is taking an even bigger beating. High-volume periods of traffic tend to be accompanied by a pattern of rapid accelerations and sudden stops, which can deplete the … Read More

Tesla: 3 of the Most Talked About Updates

Tesla has made headlines the past few weeks due to fluctuating share value and CEO Elon Musk’s emotional and bold public persona. While the electric car pioneer has been known for over a decade as a beacon of fossil fuel alternatives and green energy, he has also  become arguably synonymous with questionable profitability. Here are our picks for the top 3 recent updates from the world’s most buzz-worthy vehicle manufacturer. Tesla Going Private? Elon Musk … Read More

The 4 Key Fluids

Most of us go out for an oil change completely neglecting the other essential fluids that our vehicles need to stay up and running. A vehicle is, quite literally, a machine made up of moving parts, all of which rely on the maintenance of fluids to stay functional. Below are four key fluids and the role they play in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Oil When we think about essential car fluids, oil is typically … Read More

The Future of Driving: Three Predictions

Will we ever have flying cars? Likely not for some time —The regulations and control surrounding air traffic would be a logistical nightmare. Thanks to numerous advances in vehicle technology, however, we are inching closer to the future that science fiction media has promised us since the invention of the first automobile. That future may be coming sooner than you think. Below are three of our predictions for the future of driving within the next … Read More

Four Ways to Save on Gas

While prices fluctuate and never stay the same, the one constant regarding gas is that we all need it to get around. Whether we’re driving to work, running errands, or going on trips, a few simple changes in your driving lifestyle can add up to big cost savings when it comes to gas. Below are four ways you can save money on gas this summer season. 1. Take it Slow Slow and steady might not … Read More

The Anatomy of a Car

We talk a lot about “how to check this” and “what’s the best way to maintain that” but we realized that we toss around a lot of vocabulary and want to be sure everyone understands the fundamental parts of their vehicle. Time for an anatomy class! Radiator With all the moving parts under the hood of a vehicle, keeping the engine cool is a tall task. Though it doesn’t do any of the heavy lifting, … Read More

Top 5 Blogs for Car Enthusiasts

Do you find yourself wishing you had more car info in your life? There are tens of thousands of car blogs updated daily containing opinions, advice, and general trending topics. If you want to see what’s happening in the world of automobiles, or if you find yourself in a constant state of car-repair panic, below are the top 5 blogs we recommend to wet your automotive appetite. YouFixCars.com Mark Gittleman, an ASE Certified Master Technician … Read More