Atlantic Tire & Service has received the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Award

Atlantic Tire & Service has received the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Award. This certification is extremely important for it is given only to shops that have over 75% of their service technicians and service advisors tested and certified by the ASE organization. Employing ASE-Certified Technicians helps your customers. Take it to the next level … and help your business itself. We recruit the best employees, support their training, and insist on the best equipment. … Read More

Pre-Road Trip Inspection Checklist

As summer approaches and you finalize all your road trip destinations, be sure you also take a half hour to ensure your car is ready to go. There’s nothing like being sidelined off I-40 to put a damper on your summer plans. Here is an outline of all the most common issues that occur on the road and what to check for to avoid them. While you can check some of these yourself, others will … Read More

How to Know When to Get an Oil Change

There are a lot of variables that impact when to change your oil. Most shops recommend changing it every 3,000 miles, but new cars in optimal driving conditions can sometimes go as far as 5,000 miles, whereas older cars, cars that often tow heavy loads, or cars that often drive in extreme cold/heat might need to replace their oil as often as every 1,000 miles. Drivers also need to consider which kind of oil they … Read More

Spare Tire Options

When purchasing or replacing a spare tire, there are several things to consider. Here is a list of your options with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Full-Size Matching Spare: Pros: Your regular tires could last a little longer as you now have five to rotate, and if you have to use your spare you can drive on it for a while rather than going straight to the repair shop. … Read More

How to Care for a Spare

While blowing a tire is enough of a headache, many actually exacerbate their troubles because they don’t know how to properly use and care for a spare. Learning (and employing) these simple techniques can save you a lot of pain in the future. Check your spare tire’s air pressure often—about once a month. There is nothing more frustrating when you have a flat tire than having a flat spare as well. Also, check its inflation … Read More

The Triangle Business Journal features Anthony Blackman

The Triangle Business Journal featured Anthony Blackman in their most recent edition. Over the years, Atlantic Tire & Service owner Anthony Blackman has established himself as a leader in the tire dealership industry. He serves on the national board of the Tire Industry Association and was named 2016 Dealer of the Year by the North Carolina Tire Dealers Association. His company won the Top Shop Award by the “Tire Review” trade magazine twice – in … Read More

Wash and Protect Your Tires

We’ve all admired a new set of tires before—the new shine and sweet smell. But, they don’t stay that way long. Tires are subjected to all sorts of chemicals on the road: gasoline, salts, radium, strontium, calcium and sodium.  Beyond those, your car produces its own corrosive material in the form of brake dust. Brake dust (that lovely grey substance known for discoloring your hubcaps) contains adhesives and carbon fibers which can deteriorate your tires. And … Read More

Anatomy of a Tire

Most people think of tires as simple technologies—some rubber poured into a mold. And to be honest, tires do seem pretty simple when compared to the jumble of metal under your hood. Tires suffer from under-appreciation because most of their technology is always hidden from view, buried under a thick layer of vulcanized rubber. To get an idea of the anatomy of a tire, the average car tire is built from over 200 materials converted … Read More

How many new tires do I need?

Replacing four tires If you begin with four new tires, they should all grow old together. So ideally, every so often you would buy a whole new set of four tires. That’s the best scenario and a very common scenario as well. But that’s not always the way things go. Sometimes one or two tires wear out long before the others. The main reason this happens is because owners forgot to rotate their tires. When … Read More

Car Maintenance Checklist

Spring is here. The good news is that your car made it through another winter. The bad news is that, if you’re like most people, you’ve neglected it the whole time. That’s why the powers that be have orchestrated a National Car Care Month.  Sure, it might be a bit kitschy, or a way of pushing product, but it comes at a good time. April is warmer which makes being outside with your car much … Read More