Do you know the 3 filters: Cabin, Fuel and Air?

filters in carDid you know every vehicle has 3 primary filters that “filter” out dirt, contaminants and harmful debris? These 3 filters are built for our vehicle’s cabin, fuel and air systems. Once a filter is clogged, decreased function and performance results in these systems.

The air filter protects harmful debris, contaminants and dirt from clogging and entering into your engine system. When the filter is too dirty, it forces your vehicle’s engine to work harder thus producing less fuel economy, higher emissions and in some cases, a loss of engine power. To avoid placing stress on your vehicle’s engine, replace old filters regularly. As a rule, filters should be replaced every 12 months or 12,000 miles. You can also check your owner’s manual for specifics.

The cabin filter protects us from dirty pollution and contamination from the earth’s atmosphere that we encounter every day. Similar to the air filter, it “filters” out the bad allowing fresher air to flow through our A/C system. If this filter is too clogged, the reverse happens and we will have weak air flow, allergens and unfiltered air enter into the cabin of our vehicle through the air vents.

The fuel filter protects our fuel system, so it is just as important to keep this replaced to ensure better fuel economy between gas fill ups at the pump. A clean fuel filter will also provide a stronger fuel supply to injectors, better engine power and better acceleration.

In sum, our 3 filters: cabin, fuel and air all work to protect and trap dirt, contaminants and harmful debris from entering in our vehicle’s systems. Since maintenance and replacement of all filters is pretty simple, make an appointment or come by your nearest Atlantic Tire Services location today to make sure your 3 filters are in excellent shape for the best performance.