Let’s Choose Some Tires!

Buying replacement tires for a car, SUV, or truck can be tough task to manage. Tires are crucial to your vehicle’s handling and braking capabilities, which makes maintaining and replacing them a crucial aspect of your vehicle’s safety. Before viewing the selection of tires that Atlantic Tire & Service has to offer, below are a few key things to keep in mind.

What vehicle do you own?

The options become a bit more vast the larger your vehicle gets. For the average sedan, all-season tires are fairly standard, and will keep you up and running year round, whether on road trips or going to-and-from work. You could, however, choose touring tires, which offer better handling capabilities and higher speed rating, or performance tires, which offer better traction and even higher speed ratings than the touring tires.

A few options at your disposal for trucks and SUVS include highways tires, which have all-season tread patterns and can carry heavy loads, as well as ribbed tires, which are designed for long-lasting mileage, heavy load bearing capacity, and optimal traction. All-terrain tires, which are characterized by open, interlocking tread designs for optimal traction and load support, provide great traction on off-road surfaces. For the best tire in-between a highway and all-terrain tire, look no further than an all-purpose tire, which feature fewer sipes, or circumferential grooves,  than a highway truck tire and moderate off-road traction on loose surfaces.

What do you use your vehicle for?

If your day-to-day travels include city streets or highways, there are a few tire features that may not have crossed your mind. For example, finding a tire with multiple sipes will help guide the flow of precipitation from your tires while maximizing contact with the road in any situation. Tread is another attribute to keep in mind, as tread depth and patterns help dictate your level of traction, as well as the noisiness of your drive.

If you’re planning on using your vehicle for country roads or uneven terrain, an all-terrain tire will ensure you have the proper traction no matter the surface. Moreover, if you drive a truck or an SUV with the expectation of towing and carrying heavy loads, be sure your all-terrain tires have the proper reinforced sidewalls, which will give your vehicle a sturdy base and hold up under the pressure.

Whether you drive a sedan, truck, or SUV, Atlantic Tire & Services has the right tire for your needs. Be sure to view the new tire selection tool on our homepage, which allows you to choose the tires you’d like to purchase. If you can’t decide, one of our experienced tire specialists can help you decide which tire is best for you. We carry all top name brands and we price match!