Pre-Road Trip Inspection Checklist

As summer approaches and you finalize all your road trip destinations, be sure you also take a half hour to ensure your car is ready to go. There’s nothing like being sidelined off I-40 to put a damper on your summer plans.

Here is an outline of all the most common issues that occur on the road and what to check for to avoid them. While you can check some of these yourself, others will require an experts’ help. It’s obviously a good idea to stop by a local, trusted auto shop for a car inspection before any major road trip. While there, be sure to check on these items to avoid potential problems later.


Tires are the most common car part to fail on extended trips. Be sure to inspect the quality of each tire for uneven wear, proper inflation, worn tread, or other issues that might call for alignment or rotation services.


Check your manufacturer’s recommendations to determine how much life your brake pads have left. Be sure your brake fluid is clear and uncontaminated.


The second most common failure is the cooling system. Check your coolant level, look for possible leaks, and have an auto expert check to see if you need a flush. Old, contaminated fluid can become corrosive and cause a multitude of problems that you probably don’t want to deal with on the road.

Heating and air conditioning

If your heater or air conditioning isn’t working well, let your auto care worker know. They can very easily check to make sure those systems are working properly and consult with you if there are any issues.

Usual tune-ups

Of course, be sure to get the normal maintenance done as well. Get an oil change, engine air filter examination, headlamp check, fuel system cleaning, and all the other routine tune-ups.

Checking for these issues ahead of time promises a much smoother trip and a more enjoyable summer for you later.