During the hot summer months in the South, a broken A/C system can make the inside of a car feel like a sweltering bog. The “greenhouse” effect of a car can cause the interior temperature to rise significantly above the temperature outside (even with the windows open). We will make sure that your A/C system keeps you cool all summer long.

Some A/C problems, such as dirt or contaminants in the refrigerant, can lead to complete failure of the condenser or the compressor if left untreated. That’s why preventive maintenance is critically important for A/C systems.

Here are a few problems to watch out for:

  • Fluctuation or inconsistency in cabin temperature
  • Air conditioner taking longer than normal to cool down
  • Odors coming from the air vents
  • A/C system unusually loud
  • Engine running rough at idle when the A/C is on
  • Electrical problems when running the A/C (such as the stereo cutting out)

If you haven’t had your car’s A/C checked recently, bring it in for a diagnostic and ensure that you don’t get stuck in the burning heat! Give us a call today to set up an appointment at any of our three convenient Triangle locations.

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