What a Shaking Steering Wheel Might Mean

shaky steering wheelWhile it is impossible for an untrained person to diagnose a problem with a vehicle, there are some common telltale signs that often indicate certain types of problems developing. If you feel your steering wheel pulsating or shaking while you drive, this symptom can potentially indicate a few different things.

Watch when the problem starts

The easiest place to start is to observe when the shaking occurs. If your steering wheel only shakes when you are braking, the problem is most likely with your brake system. Uneven wear on rotor surfaces is a common cause of this type of vibration.

If the steering wheel shimmies continuously all of the time—or begins to vibrate when you accelerate to higher speeds—the problem may be in another area. Common causes of continual shaking include uneven tire tread wear, problems with your suspension or a need for a computer wheel alignment.

Many possible causes

Your vehicle is a complex instrument with multiple systems that interact with each other. There is no simple answer to determine the root cause of a symptom like a shaking steering wheel—and in some cases, there may be multiple issues occurring at the same time. If you notice your steering wheel trembling, give us a call today and set up an appointment to have our trained technicians diagnose the problem at one of our three convenient Triangle locations.