Top 5 Blogs for Car Enthusiasts

Do you find yourself wishing you had more car info in your life? There are tens of thousands of car blogs updated daily containing opinions, advice, and general trending topics. If you want to see what’s happening in the world of automobiles, or if you find yourself in a constant state of car-repair panic, below are the top 5 blogs we recommend to wet your automotive appetite.

Mark Gittleman, an ASE Certified Master Technician and the founder of, has over 30 years of experience in the auto repair space and has dedicated this website to helping automobile owners understand how vehicles work and giving them the knowledge to perform minor repairs at home. The blog offers consumers consistent repair advice and the overall site contains other resources such as video tutorials and auto and motorcycle repair manuals.

It turns out Gittlemen, or MasterTechMark to his friends according to, has simply too much auto repair advice for one site. This blog functions in a similar way to, with a few posts here and there geared to news and trends.

The Humble Mechanic

The Humble Mechanic is a Volkswagen technician and an all-around automotive expert that uses this blog to help consumers on all things car-related. His blog site features articles, podcast episodes, and videos. The podcasts typically revolve around in-depth breakdowns on viewer questions.  Drop him a question and it might just be featured on an episode.

Car Talk

For repair advice, community engagement, and pure entertainment, try Car Talk. Car Talk is its own weekly radio show, but the blog site includes repair and brand-specific articles, with a section that allows you select your vehicle make and to find relevant discussions relating to it. It t also features articles on latest trends surrounding the automotive space, such as the March 23rd article regarding The Me Too movement’s impact on the use of “car girls” at auto shows.

Ask Patty has been around since 2009, and was started by CEO Jody DeVere with the intent of providing automotive education to women consumers on the car buying and repair process, as well as training and supporting careers of women in the automotive industry. Nearly a decade later, the site continues to be an excellent resource for all consumers on topics related to auto maintenance and especially the car buying process. Jody herself has made quite the name for herself in the automotive industry outside of the blog, with several public speaking engagements, memberships and associations, and awards under her belt.