What Fall Means for Your Car

Summer in North Carolina can be brutal. As the sticky air makes way for a cool fall breeze, it’s important to understand how the temperature change will affect your car. It also serves as a signal to get in front of harshest of seasons, because with the entrance of fall, winter is just around the corner. While a simple check-in with Atlantic Tire & Service will shed light on what you’ll need to prep for the cooler months, there are a few things you can check on your own to ensure you’re requesting the correct service when you come in.

Tire Traction

You’ll probably never need snow tires in North Carolina, but proper traction is imperative for making it through the harsh rain, sleet, snow, and even hail that’s prone to fall near the back end of fall. Use the penny test to decide whether all that road tripping from summer wore down your tires enough to warrant replacements. Even if they don’t need to be replaced, you may want to bring your car in for our free tire rotation.

Tire Pressure

Temperature decreases have been known to have a direct affect your tire pressure. For every 10 degree decrease in temperature, your tire pressure could drop as low as 1-2 psi. If you’re not in the habit of checking tire pressure often, this subtle lowering of tire pressure could directly impact your gas mileage. Ask us how you can easily check your own tire pressure next time you’re in the shop.

Belts and Hoses

A bad belt or hose can cause a number of issues, including overheating your engine and loss of fluids. As temperatures drop, the materials for these components harden, increasing the risks of cracks and leaks.


Most of us don’t know we need new windshield wiper blades until it’s too late. The high temperatures of summer can warp the blades, causing them to become dull. Coming out of summer, it’s a good idea to ensure that your windshield wipers are up for more than a light drizzle.


Just as spring and summer can bring about hot months that adds stress to your engine and oil levels, the colder months can do the same. This fall, take time to ensure that your engine is well-lubricated and ready for the colder months before winter rolls around by following your regular schedule for oil changes and routine maintenance.

We’re the car car experts no matter the season! Be sure to ask us any and all questions for how you can be proactive leading into the cooler months.